About Us

GILAMAR ENTERPRISES INC. (GEI) is a beverage distribution company operating in the Philippines. It is part of the Gilamar Group of companies, which has business ventures in food and real-estate.

Prior to GEI's incorporation in the latter part of 2002, the Gilamar Group had already established itself as one of the leading importers and suppliers of tea in the Philippines. Seeking to meet the rising consumer demand for healthier products, and cognizant of the scientific studies on the health benefit of tea and other natural drinks, the Group decided to build their own brand of tea and herbal products. This brand was called GOLD LEAF, and GEI became the vehicle for the development and marketing of this brand of beverages.

GOLD LEAF is the largest local hot tea brand in the Philippines, sourcing world-class high quality tea from prime plantations around the world. Despite the company's relatively small size, it was able to quickly introduce new and innovative tea and herbal products. In fact, it was one of the first to introduce a wide range of flavored teas instead of single offerings of some tea companies and was one of the first to introduce a variety of herbal teas in the Philippine market.